CenterPieceNY: A Luxury Brand in Podcasting.

CenterPieceNY: A Luxury Brand in Podcasting.

Okay, so what's all this about being "a luxury brand in podcasting", eh?

Well, as I was toiling away (with joy) piecing together our most recent episode, late into another evening, paying huge attention to detail, to cadence, to the essence of our latest centerpiece, I realized I was heavily engaged in a design process, and precision engineering, and hugely focused on quality.

It occurred to me that I was, as usual, since our first episode in November 2020, attempting to create an experience for our listeners, just as my own personal audio favorites (This American Life, Radio Lab and Heavyweight) do for me.

I've been listening these shows on regular radio (on wnyc) for years. Actually, Heavyweight I discovered only recently, but the other two–literally for years.  On radio, I repeat. Before the term podcast was coined, after iPods–remember those?–evolved.

Actually, I bought the equipment for my podcast about four years ago, e.g and interface, recorder, microphones, mic activators, and a bunch of other bits, before cloud-based podcasting came about.  Or at least I hadn't heard about them.  And I'm glad I didn't go that road...

On site recording...

I use Reaper for editing.. why?

the pandemic and other factors...

I didn't get to go to Harvard Business School, 


free.. no premium asked.  sponsor?











Exquisitely designed and precision engineered. Not mass-produced.