Oct. 27, 2022

S3E2: Helen McNamara O'Shea, Healer at Heart

S3E2: Helen McNamara O'Shea, Healer at Heart

In this episode, Helen McNamara O'Shea tells us of the brave leap she made from a career as an accomplished doctor to that of a singer/songwriter.  Given that Helen describes herself as 'ancient', which she is not by any means, it seemed, on the face of things,  a switch that didn't make a whole lot of sense.

But that's on the face of things, because both careers, to Helen, have something fundamental in common. Healing.

And that's what Helen is at heart, a healer.  She just does it now through the power of music, no longer through the power of medicine.

Follow along as Helen tells us of her remarkable upbringing in Ireland, her life in Montreal and in New Jersey.  And how she got the spiritual permission she needed, from a hugely important person in her life, to follow a passion that had long been locked away, and the pivotal moment where it all came together.

And what's with the long name?  We'll let Helen tell you that story too.


You can help Helen produce her first a cappella album, about grief for the grieving, by contributing to her crowdfunding campaign.

And a thanks to our centerpiece, Helen herself, for her songs heard in this episode, some of which are cover versions.  Here they are in order, and the albums they appear on, where applicable:

  • Someone Is Waiting (from Know You're Enough)
  • Hey Darlin' (from Know You're Enough)
  • Cover Me Up (from Know You're Enough)
  • Stay Here Now (from Know You're Enough)
  • The Hereafter (with Jude Johnstone)
  • Simple Man  (from Mama Told You)
  • Moments (from Mama Told You)
  • Fairytale of New York (with Mike Montrey)
  • Prinetime (from Know You're Enough)
  • For Me And You (for Cornelia)


  • Beautiful You (with Yancyabril)

You can hear all of Helen's music on Spotify. Search under Helen O'Shea.

A great big Thank You (a veritable Go Raibh Míle Maith Agat) to MacDara Ó Conaola for allowing us to use his recording of Céibh Chill Rónáin which demonstrates the ancient Gaelic art of Sean-nós singing.  MacDara's music in general can be found here:
The Love Token by Macdara on Amazon Music Unlimited

and you can follow MacDara on Twitter @MacDaraMusic

A special shout out to Lochlainn Harte, Imaging Manager at Newstalk Radio, for extra, top class, professional sound editing.

Thanks to Purple-Planet  for  Intro/Outro music, and to FreeSound for the sound FX.

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