March 28, 2023

S3E7: Corina Galvin, Quiet Influencing

S3E7: Corina Galvin, Quiet Influencing
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Corina Galvin calls County Mayo in Ireland her home.   She's also been a New Yorker for almost three decades.  And she has accumulated a lot of frequent flyer miles along the way.  That's because her job in event planning and management puts her constantly up in the air, traveling all over the globe, meeting some significant influencers in the process. 

This job, the only career of her working life, also allows her to divide her down time nicely between Ireland and New York, keeping her connections to her siblings, all in the west of Ireland, and her mother, in a very healthy place.  Thus, despite her long stint as an emigrant, she is not perceived as the one over in Americaby her loved ones at home.  She spends more time with her family than friends she has in Dublin and London can manage.

But New York is very much her second home, a place where she has put down some serious community roots.

In her day job she has met many famous people, and if you're famous you're an influencer these days. 

Corina is an influencer who is not famous, even among the Irish of New York.  That's because she exerts her positive influence much more quietly. 

Let's call her style 'quiet influencing'. 

Many do not know the pivotal role she has played in the inception and development of major Irish community organizations in New York.

Which organizations? Have a listen and you'll find out.

You'll also get to know that hers was a military family, something less common in Ireland than the US.  Her late father was a United Nations Peacekeeper, and her childhood included a Cyprus adventure when he was stationed there.

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There's one side story that arose from our conversation with Corina, and you can read more about it here.