Dec. 20, 2022

S3E4: A Sort of Christmas Carol

S3E4: A Sort of Christmas Carol
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'Tis the festive season, and as yet another year ends,  a time for self-reflection.

So we thought we'd take a moment this Christmas to have a closer look at this podcast, delivered in the words of creator, producer and host Paul Finnegan, to explain why he does it, and to give you a walk-through on how he goes about doing it.   We hope you'll find it a relaxing and perhaps thought-provoking, and hopefully entertaining listen, worthy of your precious time.

It's a Christmas Carol, but by no means up to Dickensian snuff, not even in the same universe, so just a sort of Christmas Carol.  (A bit of an owl' Christmas Carol, like.)  We invite you to share it with good cheer this holiday season. 

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