Jan. 6, 2022

CenterPieceNY is a Luxury Brand Podcast.

CenterPieceNY is a Luxury Brand Podcast.

I keep a close eye on the boys at the Irish Stew Podcast.

They support their wonderful podcast with great, innovative marketing. I have emulated (ahem.. 'copied') many of their promotional tactics, albeit in less bulk–and who can keep up?–for this podcast. And they have been quick to share tech tips with me, whenever I've reached out, and for this I am very grateful.

However, we remain #BitterCrossTownRivals.

Some of their innovation is reflected in the language and words they use.

I will now start referring to CenterPieceNY's growing body of episodes as a 'catalog' too.

You can leaf through our catalog here.

Yes, a smaller catalog than that of the Stew, but each offering is a carefully crafted, precision-engineered thing of beauty.

CenterPieceNY is a luxury brand in podcasting.