June 29, 2021

S1E10: Peter and Bryan Fahy, and a tribute to Galway City.

S1E10: Peter and Bryan Fahy, and a tribute to Galway City.
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We have two guests this time around, young thirty-somethings and brothers, Peter and Bryan Fahy, originally from Salthill in Ireland's Galway City, who came to live in New York just only in the last ten years, but are in the States now for the long haul.

But we also have a third guest: the City of The Tribesitself–we are taking a deep 'Blackrock' dive into Galway City,whichalso happens to be the hometown of Paul Finnegan, the presenter and producer of CenterPieceNY, so this one is close to home. 

We investigate whether Galway lives up to being a city, despite a population size that pales in comparison to other great cities.

So, is it a city?

Is it diverse enough? Cosmopolitan enough?  Complex enough? Intense enough?

You bet it is.

Does it have undercurrents, and underbellies? Does it operate on many frequencies, some hidden, from deep local, to hinterland, to national, to international?

Does Galway have the heartbeat of a city?

You bet it does...

But don't just take our word for it, let the Fahy brothers convince you!

And as Peter and Bryan have discovered, Galway City is the perfect training ground for life in the big, big city of New York.


A special thanks to our contributors for this episode:

  • Lynda Tonery, of Riverside, in Galway, and founder and chief strategist at Treyeo.
  • Maddison Rhoa, American author on the rise, who studied in Galway and then simply hadto write a novel about it. You can learn more about Maddison, and read some of her writings, here.
  • Vinny Warren, of Dun Na Mara, Renmore, Galway, and big-time advertising 'influencer'.


A big thanks to Shattered Ego, via David Comer,  for these tracks:
Winter, Big Boy, Kids and Who Cares.
(Shattered Ego are now defunct, but there's always talk of a comeback tour!)

And a couple of Shout Outs:


For more info on our sponsor, and the work of Brian Fahy(aka Dad), visitCeltic Irish American Academy.

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