Feb. 26, 2022

S2E6: Martin Nutty, the Pensive Podcaster.

S2E6: Martin Nutty, the Pensive Podcaster.

Martin Nutty, all 6 foot 4 inches of him,  burst onto the global Irish community scene in 2020 when he fetched up alongside the previously-minted local New York Irish community celebrity John Lee, to stand up the innovative Irish Stew podcast.    From the throes of the pandemic in 2020 to the current reemergence, he and John have roped in dozens of amazing members of the Global Irish Nation, and in doing so are helping to define it.  And Martin has the voice that is the envy of all male podcasters, one as deep as he stands tall.  (Now, John Lee's radio voice is not too shabby either!).  Together they make a dynamic duo.

Martin didn't get into podcasting because it's the latest "thing".  It's the result of a long and unfinished search for meaning and connection.  It began, in his words–and Martin has more words in his vocabulary than you can shake a stick at–as an avocation, i.e. a serious hobby, to transmit his inner life out into world.   Blogging, writing about his father, was the initial broadcast channel, but this then progressed to audio and his podcast, The Nutty Chronicles.  From there it was on to 'the Stew'. 

So what will our pensive podcaster explore next?  Wherever it is, we'll be tracking him. 

Martin's Podcasts:
Irish Stew Podcast (with a fine review)
The Nutty Chronicles

Singer/Songwriter Rosa Nutty

More about Martin's Sister sister.

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