Sept. 23, 2021

Season Two Preview: A chat with Colm O'Regan

Season Two Preview: A chat with Colm O'Regan
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To kick off Season Two, host Paul Finnegan sat down with well-known Irish comedian, author, broadcaster,  MC and podcaster Colm O'Regan.   Of course, the marvels of the Internet allowed both chairs to be separated by the Atlantic Ocean.   The topic? This podcast itself, and podcasting in general.   

Have a listen... and keep an ear out for the rattle of a cicada in the background now and then. Loads of energy after 17 years of dormancy! 

You can find out more about Colm O'Regan on his

A thanks to Purple-Planet and the group Sláinte, of Tacoma, Washington, for the music.

Learn more about the work of our friends in Galway City, Ireland, at the Celtic Irish American Academy.

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