July 20, 2021

Calling All NY Irish Podcasters... and a mid-summer update.

So, this Thursday July 22nd at 6PM a few us New York Irish podcasters are getting together for a pow wow. We are meeting up at St. Patrick's pub on W46th 'tween 5th and 6th Avenues–further info about the venue can be seen here.  It's a very informal and laid back gathering.  All are welcome, even if you're not a New York Irish podcaster yourself.

It could be that the New York Irish podcaster brain trust is forming... or will it be "Podcasters Local 42: Podcasters of the World Unite!"

Either way, this has all the makings of a get-together that years from now will be super cool to say your were there...

My podcast pals, John and Martin from the Irish Stew Podcast, will be there.  In fact, Martin is the chief organizer.  If you've not listened to this amazing podcast, be sure to do so.  Fantastic guests. You can track it down on all the usual platforms–Apple, Spotify etc.–or go to their website


In other news...

I am working away on plans for CenterPieceNY Season Two. Looks like the first episode of the new season will be in September due to my travel plans in August.  But I have scheduled a recording of my first guest already, and he's a New York Irish legend.. so I'm very excited about that - watch this space!

The final episode of Season One, with the Fahy Brothers and, as someone appropriately described it, my "love note" to Galway City is still generating lots of interest and downloads.  All very gratifying.  I hope to write a little more about that episode soon.

I'll actually be in Galway for a flying visit at the end of the month, and I am really looking forward to it.  It seems no bad wind or rain has been sent to Galway to die screaming and howling and weeping lately. By all accounts, the weather there at the moment is transcendent... or, as we say in Galway, brilliant! Let's hope no low pressure systems head up the Gulf Stream any time soon...