June 30, 2022

Nowadays: Eamon Harkin and his New York dance scene innovations.

Nowadays: Eamon Harkin and his New York dance scene innovations.

The final episode of Season Two of CenterPieceNY can be listened to here.

It explores the world of renowned DJ, Eamon Harkin, from Derry in Ireland, and his innovations with his business partner and fellow DJ, Justin Carter, in New York City's dance club scene. 

Here are the sections of Brooklyn and Queens referred to in the episode:

See if you can find the Ridgewood, Bushwick and
Bedford-Stuyvesant hoods on a bigger map,
and while you are there, enjoy browsing the locations of all the great
and famous neighborhoods of New York City.

Eamon and Justin call their club Nowadays.  The goal is to make it as inclusive a space as possible, and to reflect New York in this moment, not to harp back to some bygone era.  As Eamon says, "This is the only time we live in, right? We gotta make the most of it. So, right now, right here, is what it's all about."

Here are some pictures and links to videos that will give you a taste of Nowadays.  You gotta love the grunge vibe of it all! (Though behind the fences and walls, the decor and design is top class!)

The Nowadays sign.
Nowadays from the outside.
The wee door into Mister Saturday Night
Lining up for Mister Sunday.
The graffiti across the street from Nowadays.
A closer look at that graffiti, and an iconic NYC fire hydrant.
Indoor DJ Console
Indoor Bar Adjacent To Indoor Dance Floor

Cameras are not permitted on or near the dance floor but
these two short videos can give you a sense of the vibrancy of a dance event at Nowadays, both from a recent Mister Sunday party.


We recommend you get to Nowadays, this summer or whenever, for Mister Saturday Night, or Mister Sunday.

And, if you haven't done so yet, listen to our episode with Eamon here.